We are a wholesale baby and children's clothing brand, which we started in 1993, always trying to reach the better, taking care to bring the highest quality products to our stakeholders, always renewing itself and dedicating to self-development.

Lovemaxx is a leading wholesale brand that started its adventure in 1993 and takes firm steps forward with a dedicated managerial staff, and adapts to all that the era and the industry bring. By launching the maxbabi.com online store in 2016, it reached customers from all over the country and the world, and provided all its customers an effortless and reliable wholesale shopping opportunity.

Our team, who knows the possibilities and production power of our region, offers the best products of our country to all world markets, especially Russia, Azerbaijan and the Arabian Peninsula. Our brand, which includes more than 100 brands and 30.000 kinds of products, has the potential to serve tens of thousands of customers.

Our brand, which proved its success in the wholesale sector with the bronze importer award we were deemed worthy of as Maxbabi in 2016, continues its maximum quality and service understanding with the name Lovemaxx as of 2023.

With its new name, Lovemaxx continues to transfer all its energy to the sector and continues to offer you quality, trust and the best service.

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